New Budget Logs Available

Do you need a log to train with but don’t have the $300-$650 it takes to buy one? Well, we have a system that allows you to get a sturdy log with solid hardware for a fraction of the costs. Don’t get me wrong, the other log makers out there, such as... read more

Strongman Workout

This is just a sample workout, but feel free to try it out and see how it works for you. If you like it, leave some feedback, if you don’t, well, you didn’t pay for it so… If you’d like a printable PDF copy, fill out the form below and I will... read more

Partner Programs

Just a quick update for everyone. We have partnered with several best selling authors and product creators to bring you, the reader, some great deals. Be sure to check them out on the Strength Programs page. We are showcasing everything from muscle building programs,... read more

Workout Muthafucking Wednesday

Exactly what the title says boys and girls. Wednesdays will now be dubbed “Workout Muthafucking Wednesdays” in honor of..well Wednesday. I will try to post a new, exciting, ass-kicking workout each week for you fuckers. Use it or don’t, I don’t... read more

New Happenings

A few quick updates for all you guys and gals. Strength Armory has a few bullets in the barrel,  so we wanted to keep you up to par on things that are going on. First, we will start having a monthly product spotlight. Each month, we pick a product, service,... read more

Strongman Training Tips

  Background Often, I see folks post questions regarding training for Strongman specifically. People reply with many different takes and solutions on training to yield the best results. What I have learned is that there is no one way to train for Strongman, but... read more

What Does It Take to be a Sponsored Athlete?

             Do You have What It Takes to be a Sponsored Athlete?     I have repeatedly said, in public forums, interviews, and other articles that you have to demand what you’re worth. I full heartedly believe that. I believe that in all aspects of life. If... read more

Does Bigger Mean Stronger?

Does Bigger mean Stronger?   As some of you know I have worked very hard in the last 4 months on becoming more fit. I had allowed myself to get to 420 pounds, believing that bigger meant stronger. I competed on the Arnold stage and yes, I was strong, but I felt... read more

Cueing the Powerlifts, Part II: The Squat

Cueing the powerlifts, part II: the squat   In the first installment of this series, I explained the ground rules I have set up for myself when working with lifters and giving them cues for their lifts. These rules allow me to avoid overcomplicating my... read more

A brief look back…

Looking back at the past 12 years of Strongman, one could say a lot has changed. The first show I competed in was 2002, Elizabeth City, NC. As I remember, it was during the summer months as part of a local festival that took place in the city. The crowds were decent... read more


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